Handmade notebook with unique collage cover by DelphineIV
Durable handmade notebook with collage cover by DelphineIV

The cover of this notebook is a collage from my pictures. I photograph what is destined to vanish and with collage, I create a new reality, connecting cities and countries.
On the last page of your notebook, I tell you the whole story. Here you will find, handwritten, the list of places where the photographs of your notebook were taken.

My handmade notebooks are functional - they stay open flat on the table.

They are durable - only scissors or fire can destroy them;) and unique!




Cover: collage, laminated paper, cotton fabric

Dimensions: 22x16 (A5)

192 pages A5 (blank chamois paper 80g, Clairefontaine)

Cross stitch binding.

Elastic band or fabric ribbon to close your notebook.


Each notebook is unique! 

Please take into consideration that small details may vary (especially cotton fabric used for the inside cover). 

We can agree these details when you order your design.