Inspiration board #2

I was walking in the streets of Žižkov, Prague and I suddenly realised there is another french person around!

Chou je t'aime

Why french people called their loved ones cabbage (chou) will probably remain a mystery. "Ma puce" (my little flea) is as well very popular in France. Let's face it, French people are weird, this is something we have to accept. But it seems that other countries have interesting ways to call their little darlings too. My top 3:

- egg with eyes in Japan

- my eggplant in Turkey

- most honored poison of my heart in Tibet

And you? How do you call your sweet heart?

Otakar Švec, double portrait of Voskovec and Werich - 1932

I am a collagist, which means I am half a thief and half an archivist:)

This picture was in a magazine from 2016. The auction house Hejtmanek was selling this sculpture with a starting price of 150 000Kč. It was sold for 370 000Kč and it's now in a private collection.

Švec had a tragic life and was the unlucky winner that had to build in the years 1950-1955 the Stalin Monument in Letná (destroyed in 1962). He committed suicide just after. Some years ago, I have found a postcard representing this monument and I used it in a collage called Everything is shit except you, love (check it here).

This double portrait is definitely another artwork of Švec I want to use in a future collage! Collagists are the greatest thieves, I told you:)

Josef Šima - exhibition The road to Le grand jeu in the Waldstein riding school till 28.7.2019

I like this detail of Šima's painting. The very long nose, the descending shape of the eyes, the expression of the mouth.

I did not know anything about the poetic group Le grand jeu before the exhibition but I am not certain I know more after visiting the exhibition and this is sadder. Sometimes, the ways of the curators are impenetrable:)

White peacock in the garden of Senat

I like white peacocks because they are unexpected. Most people prefer peacocks with colourful feathers. But when I first saw a white peacock, I suddenly realised how incredibly beautiful the shape of their feathers was. Because I was not concentrating on the obvious (the wonderful colours), I was finally able to discover the hidden gem. I believe it's a good piece of wisdom to keep in mind.


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