Inspiration board #1

I asked my friends recently to fill a spy questionnaire about me. One of the question was "What can Delphine talk about for hours?". I thought, the answers will be "about herself" but surprisingly, their answer was "ABOUT ART".

And my friends are right! Art in all its forms has always been my fuel.

So let's talk about art!

There is a fantastic exhibition in Prague right now called Dimensions of dialogue (Salm palace till 1.12.2019). Please, make yourself a favour and go to see it!

Jan Nálevka (1976) - Kde je mnoho světla, je silný stín (There is a strong shadow where there is much light)

"I don't understand this kind of art!"is typically a sentence I hear quite often. And it drives me mad. What counts for me is the perception, the experience, what ones feels. There is no place for the struggle, the shame, the "I'm not educated enough in this field to express what I think".

I did like this piece, the reminder that everything has 2 facets and that you can not have one without the other one.

Kateřina Šedá (1977) - 1x denně před jídlem (1x daily before meal)

Kateřina Šedá is one of my favorite artist. Her works move me deeply and her "1xdaily before meal" is no exception. I saw the exhibition twice and find me twice crying in front of this white cabinet.

You must first interact with the piece of furniture, open the drawers. If you are too shy, you will not discover what is inside: an archive of the last months of Šedá's grandmother's life.

A time where the artist tried to maintain contact with her grandmother giving her tasks and questions. Gradually, there are more and more questions left without answers, the writing is more and more shaky. And the last drawers are empty. A beautiful homage and a strong memento mori.

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) - Sunset

When an artist is too famous, sometimes people don't look at his/her artworks anymore. This is usually my case with Warhol. I have never seen his 3 sunsets before and it was a good surprise to discover them. And a good lesson too: there is always something new to discover.

DelphineIV - Handmade collage

This is a bit presumptuous to associate my name with the artists above but who cares:)

I usually use plenty of different papers and pictures to create my collage but this one is quite minimalistic.

The upper part is the top of a table made of precious stones. The marquetry is incredibly precise and precious. Who could imagine it is not a painting? I like trompe l'oeil, when what

The background is a colour sample. Colour samples are one of my passion in life. When I visit DIY stores, I never leave with empty hands. I like to observe how colours are changing when I place them next to other ones. I believe it is the same for people so be careful with who you hang with!

And the cat is from a tarot deck I have. The card is called "Bast" and it's meaning is: LIFE IS A GAME, DON'T FORGET TO PLAY.

Which makes a great conclusion!

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