What selling at a market will teach you

Did you ever wonder how it is to be on the other side in a market?

For long years, I was a markets' visitor, design markets were especially appealing to me.

Now I am there as a professional, exhibiting my work and the experience is obviously very different.

Selling at design markets is a great school. An amazing opportunity to learn and to get inspired.

I am still pretty new at it, so each new market is like a playground to me. Here are my thoughts and impressions.

I like to interact with people. I am always trying to make eye contact and be available. Looking at my phone or sitting with eyes down are not an option for me.

I smile and greet each person looking at my direction. All the people smiling back at me make my day much brighter.

Presenting and selling my notebooks give me a chance to meet fantastic people. I love when a name on my Facebook page becomes a face! I like to take time, to ask potential clients how they use their notebook, what they enjoy in life, I appreciate having a real conversation.

Of course, I do introduce them with my work and tell them the story and the concept around it too. I am always impressed and surprised to see how it leads to plenty of different stories they are happy to share.

I am very happy to see my notebooks travelling all over the world. They are going to see countries I have never visited and this makes me feel very proud! Canada, Australia, Costa Rica (capital city San Jose! I did not know this before:), Mexico, Norway, South Carolina, Texas, Israel…, so many people that feel the same connection to my work! Wow!

Other sellers, especially my closest neighbours for the week-end, are great source of inspiration too. It’s a great opportunity to discuss the + and - of different market venues, to share contacts, to give and receive precious advices and obviously to make new friends. Facing together the hazard of weather, the exhaustion and love for crafts is a good start for a friendship:)

Last point, but important, very important one! The support of my family, always ready to help me install and de-install my stuff is so precious! I can not even imagine to do all this alone. It’s fantastic to know I can rely on them. And my friends paying a visit during the venue, bringing me hot tea or cold water according to the weather saved me from pneumonia and dehydration several times. Not even speaking about the offer to stay on the stand to allow me to go to toilets:) The love and the care I receive from my close ones during those markets-week ends is heartwarming!

All the people I have met this week-end at the market and at the previous venues have a special place in my heart. I feel so grateful we had the opportunity to meet and to connect!

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