5 tips to choose the right notebook

It took me time some time to identify the features a notebook must have to serve all my needs. Here is what I have discovered:

1. It opens flat on a table

Depending on the binding a notebook can either close up as soon as it gets the opportunity or it can open flat on the table. My choice is clear! I don’t have time to fight with pages!

2. It can fold in half

I like to use my notebook wherever I am. Its ability to fold in half gives me the freedom to write sitting on the floor, standing in public transport, waiting in a queue... Freedom, I cherish your name!

3. It is durable

My notebook does not have an easy life. It gets trapped among other items in my bag, it gets wet, I sometimes spill my tea on its cover... but I still want it to stay beautiful. And it is! Supple and laminated cover is the secret key!

4. It is a blank book

I used to love lined paper. All I had to follow were the lines and everything was ok. When I got my first notebook with blank paper, I discovered the pleasure of deciding on my own. In hindsight, I can say I freed my mind when I got a rid of lined paper.

5. It reflects my personality

Even color notebooks are boring. For some people buying a red version of their ususally black notebook is a bold step. I am not one of those. My notebook has to be special and unique. Looking at the cover of my notebook, I want to hear a story, be inspired, I want it to be my statement.

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