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    •    53 cards

    •    18 x 10,5 cm (7.09 x 4.13 in)

    •    rounded corners

    •    printed on 350gsm mat paper

    •    a printed PDF file with keywords for 3 types of essential questions

    •    produced locally in Prague, Czech republic


I kept the same names and numbers that the cards have in the traditional Belline Oracle. This way, Belline enthusiasts can find their way through the cards and beginners can easily research more information if they want to deepen their knowledge.

Perhaps you are wondering what an oracle is, what it can be used for. For me, an oracle is a tool of discovery, it's a way of thinking differently about a question you're asking yourself. Specifically, it boosts your intuition and invites you to approach questions that interest you from angles that you might not have thought of.


To help you read your cards, I have created a PDF to download from my site which gives you the keys to answer 3 types of questions.


  • the first question is which oracle card represents a particular person in a particular situation


  • the second question is, what advice does the oracle give


  • and the third question is, how the situation could evolve


so for each question, we draw a card and we read the keywords that are in the pdf to get a clear answer to the question we asked ourselves.

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